1. What is shelf life of frozen chapati/parathe ?

A: Frozen chapati/parathe stay fresh for up to 4 months from date of manufacturing, when stored in deep freezer or below 0 degree Celsius.

2. Can we take frozen chapati/parathe in travelling without cold storage ?

A: Yes, our frozen chapati/parathe can be transferred in ambient temp (do not transfer in hot atmosphere) for about 30 hrs. after 30 hrs they must be stored in deep freezer or below 0 degree Celsius.

3. Are frozen chapati/parathe preservative free ?

A: Yes, we do not use any kind of preservatives or adulteration.

4. Which type of flours you use ?

A: We use premium quality freshly grind Lokwan wheat flour. which we grind at our two grinding facilities in Pune.

5. what is the size & weight of frozen chapati ?

A: Size of frozen chapati is 7.5inch and weight is 40gm at the time of packaging.

6. One pack of frozen chapati contains how many chapatis ?

A: One pack contains 10 chapatis, each separated by butter paper and hygienically packed.

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